Through the f-hole: WIP Mixtape

A 60 minute mixtape of unreleased material from lockdown compiled for Through the F-Hole and broadcast on Threads radio in August 2020.

The mixtape of long form ambient pieces, jams and frivolous beats incorporats sound recordings made around Walthamstowe marshes traces the paths and rituals I found myself treading over the long months.

Blank Spaces

Armed With Bow's debut track, Blank Spaces, is a melancholic meeting of lonely souls imagined in a faraway world.

Mixed and Mastered by Gabriel Dutru. Released September 2018.

Open Skies

This expansive ambient track captured a moment of stillness at 1am on an August Wednesday night.

Meditation No. 1 with Birds

A long-form meditative wash of cello improvised around a soundtrack of sound recordings of the woods.


The first ambient output, trinity was recorded over easter 2019 in the first session back after a back injury. Dense and dark.